Love creates.I, like most people am on a never ending search for it.
Mostly,its through ‘work’ that I seek it.

What Nonsense!

A desperate search for what gave me the most joy in terms of material and media.

Mixed, I discovered. And so, I indulged in the unfailing love of glossy magazine cutouts,watercolour,inks,wax and coloured pencil.


Emerged out of my love for spontaneity, a four imperial sized four colour composition.
With all my respect to the destroyer of obstacles.


For The Vizag Junkie. Out of respect for bird watching, green trees and Hyderabad rocks.


10 thoughts on “Love/Longing/Isolation

  1. Liked the picture of GANESHA!! Yeah you have started well. Any more movies coming?? Do you write your scripts??? Looking forward to your next film.


    1. Hi!

      Thanks so much!

      Well, I ‘m not so much into film making now as I’m into acting.
      However, once regular course work eases, I’ll be doing this more.

  2. Very nice!! 🙂
    Hmm…. finally started blogging huh?
    I remember i asked you long back why didn’t you have one and you said you couldn’t maintain one!

  3. Sai!
    Thanks so much 🙂
    That’s a book cover design, hand drawn and painted,collag-e-d with cut out newspaper bits and then neatened on the comp.

  4. Wow!… Thats so… wow! 🙂 nice picture! is that a scanned one after making or made it on the comp??!!

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