Hindusim, Indic Psychology and indigenous Nature Worship

Hinduism isn’t a political party, a state, a language, a book, a religion or a formula. To me, it is nature worship in its very essence- nature exactly as she is — queer, nonbinary, complex, loving yet harsh, beyond gender, caste, race or class — no egoic delusions are allowed for too long even if a sadhak starts there- you can worship something deeply and also take from it for your gain, you can benefit from something and also care for it because you are a micro-cosm of the larger spiral you’re engulfed in, that you can’t see. When you’re taking from the other, you’re taking from your own self, when you’re hurting, you’re hurting also this same cosmic self. The outside lives inside and the inside shapes the outside.

It is an indigenously formed organic understanding of land, human and element, which has happened through thousands of mystics using their own bodies as practice and evidence (yoga). It has the capacity to become one with each individual nervous system’s needs – for as many people as there are , there can be those many paths. There is a privilege built within it to be agnostic, aetheist (naastik), to choose manifestations that suit your personal likes/dislikes, to follow orthodoxy, to break orthodoxy at your own risk, to engulf everything as you, to reject everyone as “not-you” and so on and on and on. 

What people over centuries have done to this metaphysical inquiry is a matter of absolute sadness and everyday I’m thrilled when young people take the time to read the written work of the mystics of their lineage, to talk to people who follow panths that their own families don’t, to attend celebrations that aren’t local to their own path, it adds depth to all of our lives today, depth that is sorely being forced into wisecracks and one-line slogans. 

Inner work is at the core of it, mystical work – which lives so organically in the Indian “zehen”.

This land is so very deep.

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