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“As every therapist will tell you, healing involves discomfort, but so does refusing to heal.
And over time, refusing to heal is always more painful.”
– Resmaa Menakem, Trauma Therapist and Author

Hi there, welcome and thank you for wanting to get in touch with me.

I’m Neha Bhat (ABT, ATR), she/her, a sex-positive, depth psychology oriented, arts-based mental and sexual health professional and writer. As a queer Indian person working across the world, I care deeply about issues related to power, abuse, somatics and spirituality in connection to collective health.

My specialties are:

Trauma Therapy; Sexual violence focused trauma therapy; Interpersonal Violence in Couples; Sex focused psychotherapy; Neurodivergence in teenagers and adults; LGBTQ+ identity development; Decolonial and indigenous approaches to wellness practices; Art Therapy; Theatre of the Oppressed and Somatic work; Depression and Anxiety resilience; Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships; Parenting LGBTQ+ children; Complex grief and personal empowerment practices and intergenerational trauma in the Indian psyche.

I work with:



Indian Family systems (Mother-Daughter units, Father – Son units and such)

Small organizational groups and work teams

Legal systems for trauma survivors and perpetrators – courts and jails

I teach part-time at various institutions including:

NYU, Abu Dhabhi, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, India, UC Berkley and the University of Michigan

Here are ways to get in touch with me:


Please note that I’m no longer accepting new clients for trauma therapy for a few years. Our waitlist continues to be full due to the high crisis needs of the pandemic and post, and my practice’s current schedule is full.

You can find contact information of trusted trauma therapists, sex therapists and art therapists on this page I’ve curated here.


Please fill in the form below.


A few things that might be helpful to know about working with me:

  1. I am depth-based, which means any project I take on will have me offer you a deeper insight into what you may not be seeing. I am not open to quick consultation calls by media houses or writers who might want a sex therapist’s advice. If you’d like to have insight on your project, please consider budgeting for the same from the beginning for quality outcomes.

  2. I am not a sex educator. I do not provide consultations for companies, schools or colleges on sex education. Here is a list of sex educators I recommend.

  3. I do not endorse health products, or natural healing products in general on my social media. If I occasionally do endorse a brand/show that is spreading a sensible message to a large audience, it comes from my own professional expertise and ethical alignment.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me/team for consultations/other special projects using this form below. We aim to revert within 4 business days

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