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Vulva Tales

In this work, there are “cunt-objects”, vulvas created with patterned fabric from different places, beads, cotton and more. They can serve as attachment-objects between survivors of sexual violence and their therapists that lead them into a transformative journey.

Cunt-objects can also help reorient a person’s relationship to their genitals, or to their partner’s genitals, with or without sexuality. It is a rich experience making them, talking to them, holding them or playing with them.

Cunt-objects can assist in sex education, centering female pleasure, making it easier to talk about things that have social shame around them.

I spent April and May 2019 creating work around the “Reclaiming Cunt” project which focuses on taking the slur back from the word ‘cunt’ and refocusing it on female pleasure, strength and advocacy. With abortion laws become more regressive, it is especially important right now to make space, reclaim space and show up for human rights louder.  #sex #arttherapy #pleasure #activism #abortionlaw#reclaimspace #indiantherapist #sexualviolence#femalepleasure #education #art #nehabhat #jordanferranto

A simple illustration of a frontal view of the Vulva.
“My Cunt speaks of flowers.”
Pleasure and Pain Narratives,
Neha Bhat 2019
“My Cunt is showing you how to love it. Learn.”
Pleasure and Pain Narratives,
Neha Bhat 2019
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