What is astro-psychology?

“AstroPsychology is both a personality theory and a diagnostic tool. As a personality theory, it reveals how the structure and dynamics of the psyche are mirrored in external conditions that provide a stimulus to psycho-spiritual growth. And as a diagnostic tool, it provides unparalleled insight into the underlying, characterological issues that cause distress and impairment. Jung’s archetypal model is a central thread, but AstroPsychology borrows from other schools of thought, too, including psychodynamic theory and developmental psychology. Forged in the fires of actual psychotherapeutic practice, the resultant synthesis accelerates insight and deepens empathic rapport with clients.” – Dr. Glen Perry, Marriage & Family Therapist

Illustrations by Ishita Dharap, 2019.

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I offer 45 minute natal chart readings online and in-person. These, however are not predictive or superstitious. They are not spiritual or religious. These are insight-oriented, with an intention to make the subconscious impact of planetary movements more conscious and intentional to each of us.

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