Spirituality in the Therapy Room

As I welcome the myriad, complex, deep, ecstatic and even painful experiences of spirituality of my clients, mentees, supervisees and further in the therapy room, I also engage in much spiritual labor myself. This page is an intersection for you, dear reader, a pausing point in your own journey, perhaps, especially if you’re a healer, or “helper” of some sort.

Western existential psychotherapy sits very close to what the East calls “inner work”, a field of study that has been destroyed by colonization, especially in a complex land such as India, where this picture was taken as part of my spiritual work – I’m interested in the places where truths of diverse forms meet, and part of my life’s writing is to offer this outwards.

Please keep an eye out here for more offerings in the near future.

QUOTATION from The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chödrön, page 76

” There are some people who have tremendous insight into the nature of reality as vast and wonderful — what is sometimes called sacred outlook — but then they become completely dissatisfied with ordinary life.

Rather than that glimpse of sacred outlook actually enriching their life, it makes them feel more poverty-stricken all the time.

Often the reason that people go from neurosis into psychosis is that they see that spaciousness and synchronistic situation and how vast things are and how the world actually works, but then they cling to their insight and they become completely caught there.

It has been said, quite accurately, that a psychotic person is drowning in the very same things that a mystic swims in.”