Appointment – Please read

Please note that Neha is no longer accepting new clients for trauma therapy. Our waitlist continues to remain full due to the high crisis needs of the pandemic and trauma therapy is a slow, deep modality.

Due to the pandemic’s needs, all our slots are currently full, and might only open a few years down the line. If anything shifts, we’ll be putting up notices on the website and on Instagram, but any major openings are unlikely.

We understand this is frustrating and are so sorry. We are a small, depth-focused practice currently, so it is not within our capacity to respond to appointment requests when our slots are closed.

1. Please see attached this list of different trusted therapists in India or you can access this link for therapists with similar alignment worldwide.

2. Also here is information on other therapists in our Instagram guidebook (@indiansextherapist). 

3. Please also keep an eye out for our public trauma workshops and seminars which offer tools on sex therapy, relationships, intimacy and sexual trauma. 

Please feel free to get in touch with Neha for organizational consultations/teaching projects/ group seminars and other purposes using this form:

All information typed here will remain confidential. We do not participate in any unpaid labor practices. Thank you!

We aim to revert within 4 business days.

Inner work needs to meet outer work for change to matter: On the power of truth-telling in public – Chicago, 2019