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Performance: Open-Shut Narratives of an “Intense” Woman (of color)
Performance: “She’s too much”
Chicago 2016, 2017

Who is an intense individual? Who is an intense woman? Does gender define intensity? Does emotionality define gender? Who gets to label and who lives the label? How do we other the intensity, disown it fragment it and push away, so we feel better? 

How does an intersectional approach view intensity- is intensity itself intense or are we, as a society, so numb, we numb our own intensity?

Feminist (Pseudo) Panel by Sad Girls Club TV:
All performers embodied different types of feminists and debated the question- “Reality TV: A Guilty Pleasure or just guilty?”


Performance: 91.27% Gayboy and Paradoxia
September-October 2014

Queer Ink is India’s leading publishing house for Queer material. They host the ‘Queer Ink Safe Spaces’ event to build safe spaces for the queer community and allies to bond, share notes, and engage in community art making. The pieces, created for the event,91.27% gayboy and Paradoxia navigate several spaces- those of childhood, those of memory, those of the ‘taboo’ and those that explore what it means to be Indian and what it means to be queer, through the medium of physical theatre and poetry. In collaboration with Vikrant Dhote.

theatre2 theatre1

Performance: Gender Shadow, Theatre of the Oppressed Piece
Auroville, International Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed Conference, Kolkata 2010 and Bangalore, 2010
Dir: Evan Hastings


Performance: The Aut Bar
Ann Arbor, Michigan 2011

Manifesting With Holly Hughes

MotherPaige is her mom

The Spider

Caitlyn and Anya’s Spider

Sleeping with Art

Sleeping with an Idea

Hug Strangers, Hug Harder

                 Hug Strangers, If they don’t like it, Hug Harder

Photo Courtesy: Anya Klapischak

A series of independent performance-art pieces under New York based performance artist, Holly Hughes.
How do personal stories become theatrical narratives? How does one tell a story?

Dir: Abhishek Majumdar, Indian Ensemble
November 2010
anga Shankara, Bangalore









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  1. Cool & Lovely works……….Like the idea a lot…..The Use of the material , the colours, the passion………….Nice & Cute… Just like U…haa…haaaa… 🙂


  2. You sure have a way with words too. I hope the bag is not created from mom’s good saris. It is a good example of not only using patch work to crate some thing new but also that is useful too. Don’t know about India but here the trend is to take your own bags to shopping to cut plastic usage just like we used to do for shopping for groceries in India.

    Good stuff keep it up.



    1. Ganesh- Thank you! Cute, is it! 🙂

      Sanjeev uncle: Lots of waiting around at various local tailors around town to cut up good cloth through the day gave me the material I wanted to work with!
      The own-grocery bag system used to be a big hit in Delhi, although I’m not clued in as to the present scene.
      Methinks nest out of waste is really the way to go!


  3. ‘And today I shall celebrate
    Because this bottle is over
    But my words are not
    Nor the love the longing or the reddish hue
    Of things that were old but now seem new’
    ‘I love the way you use your words!’


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