Of Microbes and Music

So I took DIY Microscopy a step further.

In collaboration with a group of artists from France, cartography became subjective. Metamaps were made and I managed to convert microbial images and videos that I found in water samples from restaurants  in and around my town into music.

GarageLab_ EquipmentCollected Samples

Image OneImage FourImage TwoImage ThreeImage SixImage Eight

Detailed description here.

The sound sample can be found here.

Of Losing Boundaries

iGEM 2009

MIT, Boston, MA

We dabbled in ink, with pens, brushes and paper trying to crack the frontier of synthetic biology.

Six months flew past, partly at the National Center for Biological Sciences lab and partly in our garage lab at Srishti as we isolated, transformed and ligated  microbes, knowledge and new experiences.

When art became science and science, art and doing became knowing, I knew some boundaries had disappeared for me .

With my winter pursuits taking my time, I shall postpone explaining for later.

Until then, our online journal can be found here (our summer wiki) and our website-here.

We also have an  Illustrated Handbook for iGEM 2009.