Video Responses

In response to the #metoo movement and some questions I keep getting online, I have decided to start a video series addressing questions around sexual violence in the Indian context. The videos are for survivors of sexual violence and their friends/families- however the content will vary according to who it is specifically for.


Bye Bye Ann Arbor! (For Now)

It has been one whole year and my stay in Ann Arbor is nearing an end.

As an ode to this city, and a goodbye to my friends, lovers, enemies and strangers who shaped my stay here, I am presenting little frames of mixed-media work.

For all those who are reading this in Ann Arbor, you just might receive one soon!



Memory Frames

To hug, to hold, to kiss

then breathe

She needs to be alone

inside that thought

is a melting pot

of connections

she could never make

Another time,

on another page

she will be lost

in time

in a memory

and a longing

to capture

what she can’t