Trauma work helps us in learning how to “sit with” pain for greater inner clarity

Neha’s Therapy Practice is currently full and isn’t accepting new clients

ABOUT TRAUMA THERAPY/Why choose therapy:

There may be times in our lives when the advice we get from our friends/families doesn’t help our specific situation. There may be unresolved aspects of our past that are too deep for our friends to understand, and this may impact the types of friends, employees, wives, husbands, daughters or employers we become. Trauma lives everywhere until it is allowed to be named. Trauma therapy is a wonderful option that can help bring clarity, insight and discernment into your specific ways of navigating the world.

If you’re struggling with issues around sexuality, relationships or interpersonal violence, and you’re ready for insight-oriented inner work, my style of depth-focused counseling and art therapy may fit your needs. 

How to proceed:
When our intake opens, please visit this page and fill this form to get in touch with me for therapy.

Please note that Neha Bhat’s practice is currently full, and she is not taking further appointments until 2023.

Please explore this website and the instagram account (@indiansextherapist) which is an offering of this practice to provide free psycho-education about mental health and trauma work online. Please don’t let the lack of therapy access stop you from going deeper within yourself for healing.

If you’d like to connect with Neha for talks, clinical consultations, film projects, seminars, teaching projects and other related inquiries, please contact her through this form below:

We aim to revert within 4 business days.

For Hindi speakers:

थेरेपी या काउन्सलिंग क्यों?
जीवन में कुछ ऐसी चीज़ें होती हैं जिनका हल हमारे दोस्त या परिवार वाले नहीं निकल पाते हैं । ऐसे समय में हम अपने आप को अकेला महसूस करते हैं, और अपनी मानसिक स्तिथि को हानि पहुंचाते हैं । थेरेपी इस स्तिथि के लिए हैं । काउन्सलिंग एक सुरक्षित जगह हैं, जहाँ आप अपनी मन की बातें बताकर, अपनी स्थिति को समझ सकते हैं ।

मैं इंटरनेट के द्वारा काउन्सलिंग सर्विस व्यतीत करती हूँ । नीचे लगे फॉर्म को पढ़े और अपनी डिटेल्स भरके भेजे । मैं २४ घंटो में आपको वापिस ईमेल करुँगी । आपकी डिटेल्स किसी और को नहीं दिखाई जाएंगी ।

Thank you!