I’ve been writing here since 2009, and so there are quite a few number of posts here. To make your access of depth-therapy writing easier, here is a list organized in index form. Please click on each post to read further:

  1. Attachment Objects in the Indian Art Therapy Room
  2. Sexual Trauma in the Therapy Room
  3. Navigating Indian friendships when you’re the helper-type
  4. If you can’t say no, your yes doesn’t (really) matter
  5. Mental Health includes Sexual Health – especially in the Indian context
  6. The perils of identifying as an empath
  7. Millenial Indians in couples therapy
  8. Expectations, some of them, are necessary and healthy
  9. Meeting your needs
  10. May I watch you? On Consent and Queerness
  11. The study of Therapy and US Centrism
  12. My writing on musty tea: Tapal Danedar and Therapy Life
  13. Sitting with 2017
  14. Six things I do to combat Rape Culture in my everyday life
  15. Light the Inner lamp and there’s radiance: On music and writing
  16. Winter Solstice and Relationships
  17. Musings: when I was a prison therapist
  18. Expressive Art Therapy in India: Community Building
  19. Tasting : A Poem on rice and waiting
  20. She and I and her togetherness: On witnessing a loved one
  21. By the Sil: A Poem on Intimate Moments
  22. And I’m not “the teacher” : Mural Making
  23. Wondering what to say: A Poem
  24. How do we love?
  25. Indigenous Spirituality in the Therapy Room