‘That Calcutta December’

A new page. An old start. Dead old sounds ring softly as an alarm hoots its away into awakening.

Uncomfortable words in smoked silences merge with a longing with an impending fear its all in the head as the old man covers his head from an ancient balcony the city breathes in in decaying aliveness.

I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know. A full stop it too random here

*Title: From a friend’s poem

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Time doesn’t matter
Moments do
I need to move
Why does the past have so much to say?
And the night beckons
glowing in nothing

2 thoughts on “‘That Calcutta December’

  1. And the cloud of lost emotions visit me ,
    I wonder why they had left;
    Forgotten people and the forgotten gully,
    I wonder where they had met.

    For a person far away, yearning to step back at any opportune moment, this was a gift. Thanks.

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