In the Heat of your Reflection

Auroville, March 2012

Sea Salt in my eyes,

Solitary walks in your name.

I recently rediscovered that I had no clue on how to love. What I was terming love was just another self-deceptive game I was playing with myself, in the search for some sort of lasting comfort. That’s all. Or so I think.

The ocean is a good friend. It wakes you up.

I’ve been into the sea many times in my life, but this time I felt the intensity of its conflict. It woke me up.

The waves crashed against  skin. Pores opened. In conflict. Unwilling to be vulnerable to the water’s intensity, some things were realised.

You know what lies beneath, We all do.

I took some time, some meandering. But what I found was a seashell full of answers.

I think that’s a seashell full of answers she is holding

2 thoughts on “In the Heat of your Reflection

  1. Tell me, do tell me
    What is love?
    Please try, do please do try to tell me somehow
    When you say you are near,
    When you say someone is dear,
    Is it that you state your fear?
    I don’t know, I just ask
    I am not making a statement
    But perhaps to understand it is a task
    As few have the strength to do so
    People come and people go
    But, the question remains.
    What is love?

  2. Love is to give without worrying about getting anything back, that’s all Mrs. Seashell xoxoxooxoxoxoxxoxooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxxoo

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