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I’m an art therapist, artist, educator and counselor. I use visual art and drama to facilitate meaningful, personal change in individuals and communities impacted by various kinds of trauma. I practice art therapy from a queer, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed, anti-caste, social-justice perspective. I see clients who are queer, marginalized and/or bicultural in India and in the US online and in-person.

I have a wide range of work experience in working with children with special needs in India, adults impacted by sexual violence in the US and couples/families impacted by various kinds of trauma across the world.


I have a Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (impending 2019). I am a certified Expressive Art Therapist in India where I studied art/drama therapy based on the principles of Indian Buddhism. I have trained in Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed for working in community conflict navigation and I have an IGCSE Art teacher certification in India.

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Neha Bhat specializes in feminist oriented, trauma-informed art therapy and counseling
between India and the U.S. She employs trauma-focused therapy for survivors of sexual violence, offers crisis-counseling, and uses art as a radical tool of living and coping against systems of oppression. Her work as an interdisciplinary artist informs her professional counseling practice, enabling her to bring into the clinical setting elements of play through visual art, theatre, and movement in the clinical setting.

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