An acting stint in a one minute film with just a handycam and a few table lamps about love.

The make-up is after multiple attempts at looking 45 years old. 🙂

By Anisha Bijur, Kinshuk Surjan and Pratyush Gupta

4 thoughts on “Saundh

  1. Neha and Koti were the perfect fit for the characters portrayed, though dialogue content could have been better…

    Nevertheless loved the filming, the sequencing and the ending… overall would rate 7/10.. loved it… would love to watch more of these …

  2. sindhu,blame us for the dialogues, it was a difficult task for all of us to write decent dialogues in hindi without making them sound really high class or cheap, but yes i agree we could have done a better job.
    but neha and koti are the superstars in real life working with us in odd schedules. koti ,neha are the best. wish i can make another film with you guys.

  3. It’s a good one. Your opening dialogue went like’hai..’, that sounded a little outta place. I like your dialogues though I don’t think they sounded as vexed as they should. They weren’t very fluent or convincing. But I liked the look, the idea and the filming.
    And Koti- the cobbler just fit in.

    1. Thanks Sindhu.
      Agreed the dialogue need a lot of work. Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts.

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