She and I and her and Togetherness

Silence and looking are related.

I like to look.

I like quietness and looking.

How does one really see though? Of course, there is the regular mental clutter that stops one from really being able to see. But I am not talking of that, I think. I mean, how does one know when one can open one’s eyes to that which is worth seeing? I think silence comes from not-judging. There is immense power in silence. There is immense power in seeing. Maybe it is this power that blinds me.

These images are from an afternoon of looking in Pune, at a theatre space.

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3 thoughts on “She and I and her and Togetherness

  1. Shh..
    There’s something to see.

    Be still.
    Watch carefully.

    Savour it.
    Absorb it.
    But let it be.

    Without a word.
    Or a thought.
    Record it for me.

  2. Yes, I’m talking about that contradiction in my mind.

    She is there. She isn’t formed enough to be content yet, hence she stays in the title 🙂

  3. Another beauty.

    But is there a niggling sense of contradiction? You say “that which is worth seeing”, and then talk about not judging. Or is that just the juxtaposition of seeing and silence? Maybe i’ve got this wrong.

    And who is this she? Why does she lurk in the title?

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