What stories do you feed your lovers?
The rice has been boiling,
for over a week now,

I’m waiting

You taste of an old memory,
a bowl of greens beside me
you tell me
a secret,

But the rice has been boiling
over a week now,

I’m waiting.

The starch has started
to stain my lips,
the water is turning dry,
What stories do you feed your lovers?

I’m waiting.

2 thoughts on “Tasting

  1. Rice…
    It said: “I’m waiting”

    “Just pop up a bit and taste me”

    “For a week of boiling has made me look weak”

    “Not many know, that I am the strongest now”


    As said in the above comment, rice shows it’s strongest form after it becomes sake. The japanese/chinese rice wine.

    I would select the stories of my unending travelling life. Adventure, thrills, uncertainty, love, care and humanity. Nothing explains it better than a traveller.

    Nice poetry. Admirable.

  2. Have you considered sake??? if you boil the rice long enough and are quite adept at the fermentation process you can have your own home made sake.
    Nicely written though

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