Of Microbes and Music

So I took DIY Microscopy a step further.

In collaboration with a group of artists from France, cartography became subjective. Metamaps were made and I managed to convert microbial images and videos that I found in water samples from restaurants  in and around my town into music.

GarageLab_ EquipmentCollected Samples

Image OneImage FourImage TwoImage ThreeImage SixImage Eight

Detailed description here.

The sound sample can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Of Microbes and Music

  1. The community there is one of abundance, resource-wise.
    Going to MIT was enriching. In terms of knowledge, experience, people and future. Added another layer of new perspectives.
    Pertaining specifically to Do-it-yourself Bio, there is a strong network of garage-born, self-motivated bio enthusiasts looking to complete bio-related projects that otherwise seem out of bound to the non-science, and sometimes specifically non-bio community.
    Inspiring, if I can sum it up in a word.

    Now obtaining microbial music.
    Ah. So I used a DIY Hacked webcam- microscope and found real time moving images of microbes in water samples from pani puri vendors around Yelahanka.
    The data from these images I converted into sound using Pure Data and some sound manipulation software.
    In short, this is how it goes.
    Learning pure data from scratch however and then trying to pick up only the stuff required and finding microbes in numerous water samples is another story altogether.

  2. “I managed to convert microbial images and videos that I found in water samples from restaurants in and around my town into music.”

    How? Whoah! Please to explain. And how was MIT Boston?

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